California’s drought isn’t the only West Coast worry. Hot and dry weather in Alaska and Canada created conditions for;

3 million acres and 600 fires in Alaska and over 4,000 wildfires in Canada

That’s a lot of land and a lot of fire. The smoke is reaching down into the contiguous 48, which means it is much worse at the source. The near-term issues are the typical fire-fighting and recovery actions. The long-term issues deal with the uncertainties around melted permafrost. Climate change has been melting permafrost, possibly creating the craters in Siberia. The fires create carbon dioxide, which is bad enough. After the fires have passed, the thawed land will release more as decomposed material is unlocked from underground ice. This may set off a feedback cycle that hasn’t been accounted for in climate change predictions, probably quickening the rise of atmospheric greenhouse gases.

(Click on the map for the link.)

“Alaska’s On Fire And It May Make Climate Change Even Worse” – Wired

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