The rich have the power; at least that is the status quo in America. The paradox is that the US is a representative democracy with freedom of speech and freedom of assembly. Either through voting, speaking out, or marching, the poor should have greater influence because they are greater numbers. The fact that they don’t proves that American culture labels the poor with great shame. The political narrative is that, “If you’re poor, it’s your fault.” That is true for a few. America has far more than just a few poor people. When 40% have a negative net worth, when the median retirement savings for upper middle class is only $6,000, when a full-time minimum wage jobs can’t pay for a one-bedroom apartment in any state, it is unlikely that that many people have been that wrong for so long. Something is wrong with the system, including social mechanisms that keep the poor in their place. One of the strongest tools for changing the system may not be directly taxing the rich, or restructuring government spending; but instead, changing the poor peoples’ attitudes about themselves. They are worthy because they are human; and in America they have power that they must practice using.

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“The Church Of Self-Help” – Slate

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