Captain Kirk’s communicator became the flip phone, which most have passed and moved on to smartphones. The little computer bricks they used in Star Trek came and went to the point that even USB drives are somewhat passed. Quantum physicists are working on teleportation, and succeeding, though only a few molecules at a time. The tricorder remains one of the items not replicated (speaking of which, even the replicator is coming along via 3D printing). There’s an X-Prize for that. There’s an X-Prize for developing;

a device that will allow consumers to perform their own tests for up to 24 different ailments and deliver a diagnosis on the spot, as well as send the data to a cloud-based software platform for further analysis by physicians

McCoy’s tricorder was almost magical, and seemed to have infinite knowledge. We’re not there, yet; but 24 ailments is a good start. Stay tuned. Oh yeah, and warp drive is coming along too – well, kind of.

(Click on the photo for the link.)

“Tricorder XPrize Competition Heats Up” – Scientific American

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