Six island nations that are threatened by sea level rise are suing the biggest polluters for damages. To some extent, every human is a polluter, but

roughly two-thirds of industrial emissions come from just 90 entities, 50 of which were investor-owned companies

It will be difficult to sue those 90 companies, or even those 50, but it is far easier than asking everyone for a share, and actually targets the funnel through which much of the pollution flows.

(click on the photo for the link)

“Why These Islands Are Planning To Sue Fossil Fuel Companies” – Think Progress

One thought on “Island Nations Sue Polluters

  1. I hope it will be enough to make them change their ways, but most just pay the fine and go on. It’s only if we, the industrial users, stop buying their products that those companies will produce something ‘better’. The EPA should also do away with fines for violators. It should be retool and refit, and shut down until done. There is no time for compromise, nor fine based environmental protection. That ‘buys’ us nothing. Cheers, B. J.


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