It is arguable that a living wage should allow a person to afford the basics: a place to live, sufficient food, health care, basic transportation, access to basic utilities. In that case, the minimum wage is not a living wage because nowhere in the United States does a minimum wage job allow a person to afford a one bedroom apartment. Minimum, therefore, is not the minimum needed for living, but the minimum the employers can legally provide – regardless of the life of the employee.

“A Full-Time Minimum Wage Job Won’t Get You A One-Bedroom Apartment Anywhere In America” – Vox

One thought on “One Job Is Not Enough

  1. I agree with you but what do you say about the other viewpoint that minimum wage jobs are for high school kids and retirees, not adults with families. Someone with a family to support should be striving for more. I hear that said quite a bit in the media but I wonder if that is even possible for some people …


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