Uploading your brain was an element in science fiction, but it is coming closer to reality. Some think it can’t be achieved. Some are planning on it, and being among the first. Distinctions between brain, mind, and soul may be critical. Does the brain contain the mind and the soul? Are we mechanistic, or is there something mystic about us? Such philosophical questions may become tested. After that, ethical, moral, and legal questions proliferate. Can a person make multiple copies? How about as backups? If the process is brain and thought but not mind or soul and personality, does the upload have any legal standing? If yes, are they citizens? If no, can they be employed by the biological person? Can they be hired out? The first success, if possible, will create a need for a rapid debate – especially, if the upload operates at CPU speeds instead of neuron speeds.

“The Quest To Upload Your Mind Into Digital Space” – Smithsonian

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