2 thoughts on “Downpours Increase

  1. Everyone (the media) had latched onto the catch phrase ‘global warming’, when it should be ‘ocean temperatures warming to the point of climate destabilization’ – which means colder winters, hotter summers, stronger storms. I don’t know why people in the media aren’t calling it what it is. People should know and understand, that climate has only been stable enough for consistent agriculture (that’s what feeds us) for about 10,000 years. If people think they are ‘too small’ to have any noticeable effect on climate, they need to realize that climate is actually a delicate balance that even us little ol’ humans can alter to our own disadvantage. Keep saying it to yourself, ‘Climate destabilization, climate destabilization, climate destabilization’, not just ‘warming’, then you may just realize the seriousness of the situation.

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