Plastics take a long time to degrade. That’s bad for the environment, if the plastic is thrown away. There are many things that we want that we don’t want to have degrade. So, instead of using plastic for single time uses like forks and baggies, use them for things like bridges – which is what the Welsh and the Scots have done. The extra bit of good news is that the plastic used in this bridge, is also recyclable. Wait a few decades, recycle the plastic, and get a new bridge again.

“This Bridge Is Made From Recycled Plastic” – Grist

2 thoughts on “Using Plastic For Good

  1. This is great! There is a lot of research being done into new polymers and how we can reuse plastic waste in new industries and applications, and this is a really good example. Do you have more information on this bridge?


    • The only information I have is the article. Clicking on the photo should take you there.
      And, I agree. Why put something so light and durable in the dump? Use it. Use it again. Then find yet another way to use it.


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