Income and wealth inequality are common topics which some treat as the natural, though cynical, way of the world. The inequities are growing so great that in 2010 it was startling to learn that 388 people controlled half the world’s net worth. In 2014 the number is down to only 80. Even those 308 other mega-wealthy have been downgraded. If the concern isn’t obvious now, consider that 2015 will concentrate the wealth into less than 80. The trend can’t be extrapolated forever. At what point does the majority of the world’s wealth and attendant power reside within enough people for a small dinner party? Does the concept of democracy become supplanted with a return to royalty? Or, is the inevitable correction more abrupt and disruptive?

“80 Rich People Now Have As Much As 50% Of The Rest Of Humanity Combined” – Quartz

One thought on “80 People Have Half The Wealth

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