The Digital Singularity may arrive earlier than expected. As if technology hadn’t been changing fast enough, quantum computing has accelerated the acceleration. Math geeks can appreciate a trend is effectively “double exponential growth.” Keeping up with exponential growth is tough enough. Take a power to a power – and it’s easy to get lost in math geekdom. Instead, notice what’s happening in the new breed of computing: quantum computing.

“In December 2018, scientists at Google AI ran a calculation on Google’s best quantum processor.” – Scientific American

By March 2019, the scientists exceeded the capability of their best computers. There’s good reason to believe quantum computers will achieve supremacy over conventional computers by the end of the year. The Digital Singularity is a hypothetical event when computers advance so fast that humans can’t keep up, and possibly can’t control the machines anymore. Singularities are abrupt events, typically preceded by exponential or dramatic processes. Quantum Supremacy is happening faster than exponential, happening at a rate that exceeds any natural process. Change is not only the new norm, that norm is changing at an unnatural rate.

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