It may seem like a simple idea, but someone has designed a truck for places like Africa that need vehicles but can’t afford conventional trucks for areas that would break conventional trucks. It is a truck that can be shipped in a container, built on-site within a day or two, that uses common materials like plywood, and costs only 5% of a conventional truck. Because it is made of plywood, it is far more sustainable and maintainable, as well as customizable. Rather than imposing a solution, the basic frame, engine, and controls can be used for a variety of applications determined by local needs and local designs. Simple ideas for simple problems may not gather headlines, but they may improve the lives of millions – and may also find applications within the mainstream, too. An easy to afford and maintain truck for only 5% of its competition? Why wouldn’t that be appealing? Ah, regulators. Oh well, aside from that…

(Click on the photo for the link.)


The Flat-Pack Off-Road Truck…” – Ars Technica

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