This post is getting too repetitious, but we did it again. The planet set yet another temperature record in July. That makes 15 months in a row. The world isn’t supposed to work this way.

“By NASA’s reckoning, July 2016 was 1.27˚F (0.84˚C) hotter than the 1951-1980 average. It was 0.2˚F (0.11˚C) above July 2015, the next warmest July in records that go back to 1880. The record July heat also means this was the hottest month the planet has seen over the course of NASA’s records.” – Climate Central

The good news is that there’s a good chance natural variation will moderate the short term trend before returning to the long term trend.

The bad news is that the long term trend appears to be accelerating.

The other bad news is that there’s a 99% chance that 2016 will be a record heat year, making three years of records in a row.

If you thought things were getting weather weird, you might be right. If you thought the weirdness is going to continue, you’re might be right about that, too.

(Click on the map for the link.)

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