While America can cheer a roughly 5% unemployment rate, American youth have a higher unemployment rate (roughly 12%). Europe (excluding the UK), however, has an unemployment rate of about 12% with youth unemployment rates that are much higher.

“Despite the region’s improving economic prospects, roughly 50% of Greeks and Spaniards under 25 don’t have a job, and 40% of young Italians are similarly out of luck.” – Quartz

Societally, that is worrisome because it represents the stifling of a generation, particularly because young employed people are gaining skills, talents, and experience; and then using their wages for goods and services as their build lifestyles. This is happening as a refugee crisis brings in additional hundreds of thousands, creating a very large population of unemployed people. They are a great resource for growth, but evidently, the systems are not in place to utilize and empower them.

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"The Eurozone's Neverending Youth Unemployment Nightmare" - Quartz

“The Eurozone’s Neverending Youth Unemployment Nightmare” – Quartz

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