Anything digital can be hacked. That’s the basis of cyberwar and cyberterrorism. One very large, very critical digital system is our financial system. Finances are digits. From that standpoint, they should be easy to manipulate. Financial institutions are equally aggressive and conservative, which means we hope their security is necessarily tight enough to defend against attacks. If a technology can be used for offense and defense, and if the technology controls something valuable, then an arms race is inevitable. Our financial system is being tested and probed to find vulnerabilities more systemic and pervasive than credit card captures or social security numbers. At least the attempt at the Epic Hack is inevitable. Digital defenses are never sufficient because all it takes is the key disaffected employee to open the gates, or at least the back door.

“The FBI Just Arrested An Alleged Russian Spy Who Wanted To Know How To Trigger An Economic Meltdown” – Mother Jones

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